Salon- Spa - What to Expect

Our Spa runs many advanced services at a reduced rate thanks to the efforts of faculty, staff and students. However, please do take into consideration the fact that we are an educational facility. Each student is learning and working very hard to perfect their craft. And while we do not allow students on the floor without practice beforehand, they are not yet experienced professionals. It is because of this that we offer services at a reduced-rate. There will always be an instructor supervising, so you are in good hands.

We ask that clients arrive 15-20 minutes early to ensure all health histories can be taken and rooms be set up for the client.  It is not required that clients tip students, however it is greatly appreciated. Many of our students have taken absences from work in order to return to school and they are very grateful of any gratuities.

                                  Feel free to fill out a comment card on your experience with us with the front desk. We want to                                    make sure that all clients are enjoying their visit at the school and if there is anything we are doing right or wrong, we appreciate your feedback.

Welcome to the Entourage family! We hope to be able to brighten your day a little bit!