About - Career Services for Graduates

At Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics, our support lasts beyond your graduation. We offer job placement services and encourage our past graduates to join our staff, students, and fellow alumni in special classes held at Entourage.

As a cosmetologist or esthetician, your possibilities in the Beauty industry are limitless! It is often named as one of the top careers to have and as a growing industry. Here are just a few of the career opportunities available all over the world:


Esthetician Instructor
Professional Stylist Esthetician School Instructor
Color Specialist Brow and Eyelash Specialist Industry Trainer
Cutting Specialist Wax Specialist School Owner/Administrator
Hair Extensions Specialist Product Representative School Program Director
Hair Replacement Specialist Equipment Representative Curriculum Developer
Wig Design Specialist Spa Manager/Owner State Board Member
Platform Artist Industry Publication Writer State Board Examiner
Salon Manager/Owner Retail Specialist
Makeup Specialist/Artist Make up Specialist/Artist
Nail Technician Reflexology
Skin Care Specialist Development of Skin Care Products
Retail Specialist State Board Member/Examiner
Product Representative
State Board Member/Examiner

School Resources Available to Graduates from the Career Services Department

Job Placement – Full time and part time job placement assistance is available to all graduates as needed. Known job opportunities in the Greater Kansas City area are available upon requests. Graduates are also encouraged and trained on how to develop his/her own job leads. Employers are encouraged to contact the School as we invite you in to hold Job Fairs, onsite interviewing and a tour of the facilities. You can contact the placement office at 913-888-2800, and ask for Career Services.

Resume Services – Contact Career Services at sheri.stearns@entouragebeauty.com for assistance in developing the proper resume for your job search. Provide her with a copy of your resume for prospective employers and she will forward to employers upon request. A copy of the proper resume for all new graduates is required at the completion of the program.

Starting a Business? – Contact the Institute first prior to starting a spa or salon business. The Institute will assist and guide you through the process of establishing your business in the beauty and wellness industry. We also offer Advanced Training/Continuing Education classes, some of which are offered specific to this area.