Cosmetology Is Still A Hot Career

Dancing Shears 1There are many reasons to become a cosmetologist. It’s a fun and fast-paced career. Below are reasons to help you decide on a career in cosmetology.

  1. The work and styles are always changing. There are always new ways to cut and style someone’s hair.  New products and colors make being creative that much more fun and challenging.  This requires constant concentration and adaptability. Your work never becomes boring.
  2. Your clients can change yet you build your business with loyal, repeat clients.  You may even make some new friends – clients are awesome and you learn so much about people.   Every day brings a new face into your chair. It generally takes five to six weeks before a client is ready for another haircut, meanwhile there are many more faces for you to meet and get to know so they themselves will become regulars and have you continue caring for their hair.
  3. You get to work around people every day. If you are a people person this is a perfect job for you. Often you become counselors and secret holders for your clients. If your enjoy talking to people and building relationships than a career in cosmetology is right for you.
  4. There is always room for advancement. Often cosmetologists can manage a shop or become shop owners themselves.
  5. You can become a platform artist, an educator with major suppliers/companies a product representative and an instructor for cosmetology programs.
  6. You set your own rates. The prices you charge and the specific services you render are completely up to you. You are in charge of how much income you make.
  7. This is a career that is very active. You are on your feet all day and using your hands and arms so you burn calories and build muscle. This is great if you prefer a job that keeps you moving rather than a desk job.
  8. You will remain on the cutting edge of fashion. There are always hair shows at various cities around the country that will allow you to keep up with the popular hair styles and fashionable trendy looks as well as trendy techniques. This will benefit your business greatly.
  9. There are opportunities for business travel. Hair shows are an excellent opportunity for business travel to fun locations. Mix a little pleasure by taking the family with you. After you have learned and practiced the newest techniques at the show you can play with your family.
  10. You set your own schedule. If you only want to work part time that is an option. If you only want to work morning or afternoons this is also an option and there will also be clients that come to you specifically because of your hours.
  11. You can be creative. There are always clients, who come in requesting a new look but want your creative advice about what to do. You will then be able to look at the person and decide on a style that would look good on them. This can be fun and exciting and generally leads to very happy clients.
  12. As a Master Cosmetology you can also provide clients with wax services, nail services and facials/skin services.
And finally,
You are in charge of your own life and you can leave behind the job that no longer satisfies you and begin a career that you are passionate about each day.  If you do what you love it is not work and you wake up every day ready for another exciting day!



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  1. Posted July 1, 2016 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    My daughter really wants to get a career in cosmetology, because of the advancement opportunities. Her dream is to own a themed shop one day where people could go get there hair done in an environment unlike any other. However, how difficult is it for someone to own and run a shop?

    • Pam
      Posted August 10, 2016 at 10:47 am | Permalink

      The First step is to enroll in a cosmetology school, graduate and get licensed. The second step is to work in the industry to get some experience. The next step is to develop a business plan which includes the concept, location and funding needed to start her shop. Training and experience is the most crucial step. Many are successfully owning shops in the industry. It takes commitment, energy, marketing and stellar customer service to bring in and keep clients in the chair. It is a great industry with potential for those who are serious and want to make this a career track.